"I love the whole feel of the journal. The right balance has been struck so that it doesn't become too heavy and academic. The front cover by Donald Locke (Volume 6) has a beautiful soft feel to it and I'm certainly glad to be part of it. I'm enjoying reading the pieces, the reviews, poetry etc. The Caribbean could do with a good regional journal such as this." – Grace Nichols.

"The Arts Journal gives the greatest depth and breadth of arts coverage than any other journal coming out of the Caribbean. It is a quality, heavyweight arts journal I am proud to support. "– Jan Lowe Shinebourne.

"Volume 6: Wonderful reading. Enjoying every word of it. Do you have the entire book by Dr. Gilkes about his growing up in Guyana?" -- Jan Augustin

"Thank you for allowing me to collaborate in your beautiful publication. Greetings from Mexico." – Professor Eliff Lara Astorga

"The Arts Journal has now been established as the country's premier literary periodical". David Granger, "Guyana's Periodicals", Guyana Review, September 2008

"The Abolition issue looks very interesting and proves what I said before: that The Arts Journal is making a priceless contribution.  I think your journal builds on what Caribbean Quarterly established. May you and it continue to prosper."

-Frank Birbalsingh, Professor Emeritus, York University, Ontario, Canada.

The Arts Journal is of the upmost importance in a world plagued with wars and discord. People are in a constant state of fear, disbelief in the madness of the status quo. The Arts Journal gives a voice to new thoughts, psychic healing to those that need the "other" tongue(s) that have not been heard or read...I really do feel that the writers/contributors/poets to the journal should be made available to others within the mainstream...over the years I've tried to introduce my own daughter to literature that cannot be found within the regular confines of academe.   

- Edwin S. Wilson, Virginia, U.S.A."

"It is a fine, elegant publication. I like the spread of articles -- all interesting and important, I think. Congrats on having the tenacity and vision to have pioneered and managed the production of such a splendid Journal." 

- Dr. Michael Gilkes, University Professor, literary critic and dramatist.

I have just received the 4th issue of AJ. It is precisely what I have come to expect: a fine journal encompassing a range of scholars from many disciplines. I wish to compliment you for your imagination - and fortitude. Long may your good work prosper." 

- Professor Clem Seecharran

The Journal is very properly edited and a good selling point for prospective writers” – Professor Brinsley Samaroo, UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad.

A Journal beautifully put together. I hope it will grow and stimulate others to write” - Professor Clem Seecharan, Metropolitan University, London

A Journal accessible and free from theoretical jargon” – Dr. Vishnu Singh, Dean, St. Augustine Campus, University of the West Indies.

A major contribution to the cultural and intellectual life of Guyana at a time when serious intellectual debate has almost disappeared from the society” – Mr. Lloyd Searwar, former career Diplomat, Guyana.

It is important as a country and as a people for us to understand the importance of the liberal mind, of the liberal atmosphere and of the role of criticism in growth . . . We need, in Guyana, to actively encourage criticism as a fact of intellectual life . . . we need to create ethical forms for social debate” – Mr. Deryck Bernard, former Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, U. of Guyana.

This Journal promotes respect for cultural diversity, promotion of creativity, participation in cultural life and a safeguarding of our cultural heritage” – Mrs. Carmen Jarvis, Secretary-General for UNESCO in Guyana.

The Arts Journal recommends itself not only to citizens of the Caribbean, but far beyond” -- Dr. Ed Greene, Assistant Secretary-General, Caricom.

The cover is very striking and the format good . . .a very good issue and contains many really important contributions . . . . This is a significant step in the right direction for the arts in Guyana and the whole region” – Professor Shelagh Goonewardene, Melbourne, Australia.

'I welcome its interdisciplinary span, especially the substantial visual arts content in text and image, and - in this first issue at least - inclusion of a high proportion of material relating to Indian Caribbean experience”. Dr. Anne Walmsley. Art Historian and Lecturer, Jamaica.

The Journal seems edited and produced to a high standard”. Mr. Paul O’Hara, World News Reporter, Guyana.

Very good quality and beautiful reproduction, with a decent spread of contributors. Also a long needed production.” Dr. Evelyn O’Callaghan, Senior Lecturer, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados.

Well-produced and good reading.” Professor Cyril Dabydeen, University of Ottawa,

"A Journal that is timely and necessary.” Professor Vibert Cambridge, Chair Department of African and American Studies, Ohio University.

The Arts Journal, unambitiously named, has nevertheless been ambitiously put together and is going to go a long way in filling a hole . . . as well as carving out a new and particular niche for itself.” Mr. Ruel Johnson, Guyana Prize Winner.

We have to hope that this Journal can stay on the road and become another important vehicle for the development of the arts.” Mr. Al Creighton, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Guyana.

An excellent publication.The Arts Journal fills a gap and provides a much needed reflection of our culture and its growth". Mrs. Janet Jagan, Past President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

The Arts Journal: Exploring the Caribbean cultural identity By Al Creighton